Warm Springs GA Hotels owners

Elizabeth and Mark are interested in telling the stories of the Historic properties that they share with vacationers. We have had an incredible time sharing our first property the Killian House with 220 people last year. Our guests have been gracious to leave great reviews of our home. 

We found the Hardaway Cottage in January of 2017. It was a property on the grounds of the Roosevelt Institute that needed someone to restore it to its former beauty. 

We love the history of the families that made the Hardaway  Cottage not just a place, but  a home where families were raised, healing happened and good times were shared.

Warm Springs GA is a unique place.  The people are very friendly and have a genuine interest in those that visit the Roosevelt Institute, Little White House, FDR State Park, and downtown Warm Springs Georgia. While we are a Warm Springs Vacation Rental we love being a part of the Warm Springs GA Hotels that service the area.