I love stories. My earliest memories are of my father telling me stories. After supper he would let me sit in his lap and he would tell me about life in rural Alabama during his childhood. He grew up in a close knit family that shared work, adventures, food and love. Those stories are my heritage. With the help of my mother I feel in love with books. My mother would read great books to us on long car trips. This was before the days of seat belt laws and I remember hanging over the front seat to catch every word. I still love books and stories, and now I believe every old house has a story to tell.

I am having the time of my life discovery the rich and amazing story of the Hardaway Cottage. My mom said that as a little girl I had a habit of “plundering” in closets and drawers. Now that has turned into a useful skill.  I am turning my nosy tendencies into investigative power and contacting the families of all the past owners. They have been very patient and generous with information and fascinating details. I actually have two parallel stories to share; one is the history of the house, and the other is the process of renovation and restoration. I plan on sharing both, but tomorrow I will introduce you to the namesake of the Hardaway Cottage; Mrs. Rebecca Hardaway of Columbus, GA.