She’s coming back! The deck is near completion after 2 solid weeks of work. All that is left is the railings, vertical concrete stamping, and final coats of paint. What a difference from when we started. Below is a reminder. It really doesn’t look like the same house. The deck was my brilliant wife’s dream. An incredible makeover for the Grand Old Lady.

It has been a slugfest to complete the deck. Ground breaking was Memorial day Weekend. Total number of build days over the hot and wet summer was 21. Beth and I did the work ourselves. We both feel like finally the project has turned a corner and we can get this thing finished. It will be great to move inside and finish everything.

For those interested we continue to get great visitors from The LIttle Whitehouse and the Roosevelt Institute who are watching our progress as it happens. Thanks to each of them for the support and encourgement. Miss Pam you were extremely helpful in answering many questions we had about the house and especially the Spaldings. So far we have had 10 riders in the elevator. It is working better each day I use it. Everytime someone comes to ride I also get to play “guess the weight.” It is kind of like the carnival game, except it involves how much counterweight needs to be in the elevator for each group of riders so that the rope moves easily. Getting pretty good at guessing. If you are in the area please come on over so I can gather more data for my chart I will post in the elevator.