“Learn a spaces original form, and you have a guide for reforming that space.”

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Original kitchen blueprints from architect HW Nichols of Atlanta 

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Top view in Sketch-Up of the original kitchen and breakfast room 

     Here are the original plans and layout of the kithen. The blueprint is from the archives of the Roosevelt Institute. Even though this is a private residence, it is still on the grounds of the Institute and had to conform to their building convenents.

     As we removed the flooring down to the hardwood the original structure was confirmed. The wood flooring had repairs that filled-in where walls once stood. Of course these repairs now have to be replaced with hardwood harvested from areas that will be under cabinets. The structure of the original floors is fairly simple. Diagonal strips of wood are nailed to the floor joists. Final boards are nailed to the diagonal boards. In the Hardaway Cottage the diagonal boards are pine and the final floor boards are white oak.

Hardaway kitchen floors warm springs ga
Layers of an older home wood floor. Floor joists are vertical first layer of diagonal boards are pine. Finish layer of horizontal boards is white pine at the Hardaway Cottage

          When we purchased the property we realized that the kitchen had been remodeled by Gene Spalding sometime in the 90’s. The kitchen remodel removed walls and installed custom made, high quality cabinets. This is the one room we are gutting and starting again. We wanted to make sure that the kitchen is ADA compliant and returned to a look and feel of the 1930’s when it was built. We are keeping the larger size without the breakfast nook. Below is a Sketch-Up rendering of the remodel.

new size Hardaway Cottage Kitchen
New size of Kitchen
Haradaway Kitchen Mockup Warm Springs GA
Hardaway kitchen floors warm springs ga

The mock-up shows a new design and ADA accomodations. Elizabeth has designed shelves that leave the windows open and allows for a unique display of drinkware.

We have a long way to go to get to the final plan. It always seems impossible when you start. The transformation begins.