The Hardaway Cottage is one of five private properties on the grounds of the Roosevelt Rehabilitation Institute. It is surrounded by the Roosevelt State Park. The state park is home to about 300 deer. This is “home base.” They are not hunted here. Therefore, we named the front bedroom the “Deer Dreams Bedroom.” We also see deer wondering our property almost every day. It is a delight to see the new families as they graze through our front yard. One morning I was coming up to the house and I had to stop. There was a 10 point buck standing in the driveway near the front porch. It just looked at me for some time then slowly went on across the front yard. I almost forgot. I am the visitor here not the deer.

I was working on the kitchen during the remodel one evening. I looked out the window to see a doe standing 10 feet from the window in the back. It nibbled on various things as it slowly took its time. Eventually it moved on to somewhere else on the property. We are amazed at the deer’s ability to hide. They do not have to move far into the trees to disappear. They are truly the stealth animals.

This year we have a set of twin fawns that we started to see about 2 weeks ago. Mama and the twins were out in the front yard eating grass when I went outside to sit on the deck. The babies were unstable on their feet and had all of their spots. They eventually moved on into the trees. Today, we returned to the Hardaway around 5:30pm. We were just in time to catch mama and the twins eating in the yard under the trees. This is a great place.