Why This House?

The first time I wandered through the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute I was amazed by the beauty of the land. It looks and feels like a beautiful park, or an exclusive school a bit past it’s glory days. I kept going back so that I could take it all in. I took my husband, my mother and step-father, my aunts, my sister, and my friends. I felt like I was walking along side the hundreds of brave men, women and children who faced Polio with dignity and bravery. I felt a connection.

I can tell you all the reasons why Mark and I bought the Hardaway Cottage, but the truth is I felt it before I could defend it. This project spoke to me in so many ways. Of course the home and grounds are beautiful in their own right, but there is more to it than that. The history of the house is fascinating. Each family who owned it lived through a different period in U.S. history and was drawn to the home for their own reasons. We hope for the Hardaway Cottage to be a celebration of all the wonderful families who have called it home. We look forward to sharing it with you.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a brief bio of each family who has owned the Hardaway Cottage with available photos, interviews and original documentation of the unique character of each family. Each family made special contributions to the home and used it to meet the specific needs of their family. I have felt like I was on a treasure hunt as I both explored the closet’s and attics of the buildings, and as I searched the web and chased down leads to discover the stories this home had to reveal.