Warm Springs Vacation Warm Springs GA

Featuring two Historic homes that are available as vacation rental homes.

The Hardaway Cottage

Killian House Retreat

Where are the properties?

Both the Hardaway Cottage and Killian House Retreat are located in Warm Springs, GA. The properties are within a quarter mile of each other. However, the look and feel of the two houses are decades apart. 

The Hardaway Cottage was built in 1930-1933 and is a Georgian architecture home decorated in an Art Deco style.

The Killian House Retreat was built in 1953 and was built in the style of The Little White House. 

In each property we have worked to keep the original look and feel of the house. Colors, furniture, and decor were chosen to fit the style in which the house was built.

Warm Springs Vacation Warm Springs GA