Warm Springs GA

est. 1832 as Bullockville

40 miles north of Columbus Georgia, is Warm Springs, the location of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s vacation home, called the Little White House. from this location, he developed many of the programs that were a part of the New Deal. Now a museum, this national historic site contains his famous portrait, historic film footage and his Ford automobile with hand controls.

FDR Pools and Warm Springs Museum, located 1.25 miles from the Little White House, features the pools President Roosevelt built that were used as a part of his polio therepy. Featured here is a history of the springs. Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation is the state-of-the-art facility President Roosevelt built to his fight against polio.

President Roosevelt’s favorite picnic spot is located in Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain Georgia. The park also features and a bell shaped swimming pool. Roosevelt Riding Stables features wagon rides, horseback rides and overnight excursions along the trails of Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park.

In addition to historic sites, Warms Springs, Georgia also features specialty shops, restaurants and an aquarium. Warm Springs Regional Fisheries Center and Aquarium features fish, snapping turtles and aligators.

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